Take Some Time To Plan It Out

Think about what look and feel you want from your photos. Search online sites such as Pinterest. Do you want casual or dressy?

Pick a Color Scheme


Pick colors that compliment (not match) one another. Two to three main colors is ideal (for example: tan, gray, blue, yellow, etc.). Then add pops of color. Think of what colors you use in your home or what colors you are often drawn to.

Don’t Try To Match Everyone

With young ones you may make an exception but generally matching everyone is not the best choice. Coordinating is the key!

Go For Classic If Possible

Try to think of styles that will remain timeless.

Think Texture and Layers

It will add interest if there is texture and layers to your outfits. Feel free to be creative.

Limit Patterns

A little pattern is nice, but too much can ruin the look.


No Graphics

Graphics can be distracting and also go against a classic look.



Scarves, hats, necklaces, socks, headbands, bows, jewelry...can add a lot to the photos. This is where your pops of color can come in.


Lay It Out and Take a Pic

Laying your outfit out will help you visualize how everything will go together. This helps avoid every family member trying on many options. If it looks wrong laid out together, you can move on until you have a good idea...then everyone can try things on!


Consider The Background

What you wear should somewhat go with where you will be taking pictures. You want to stand out but not clash with your background.

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